What's your product roadmap?

We're glad you ask! 🙌

Here's our list of planned features:

Planned release in 2020:

  • DONE ✅: Connect: White labelling for your access requests (your own branding)
  • DONE ✅: White-labelling: Self-service editing your white-labelled agency pages and access requests

Planned for Q1 2021

  • DONE ✅ + More coming: Multi-language support for connect requests (Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Danish, Portuguese - need your language? email us!)
  • DONE ✅: Connect-  Google Analytics integration
  • DONE ✅: Google My Business

Planned for the rest of 2021

  • DONE ✅: Google Ads and Google Tag Manager
  • Allow clients to create a pixel, ad account, pages through Leadsie
  • White-labelling: Use your own domain for connect requests and audit pages (CNAME)
  • Connect: LinkedIn integration
  • Connect: Wordpress integration

Planned but no date yet:

  • allow agencies to manage pixel settings (advanced matching) on behalf of client
  • Zapier / Pabbly integration

Please note: these are approximate timelines, we may change this roadmap depending on user demand.

Missing something or want clarification on these features? Drop us a message!

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